About Us

Racing Research published its first annual for British flat racing in 1984 to widespread acclaim. At a stroke, the computerised ratings system on which our annual was based took form analysis to a new level. Since then, while traditional methods have persisted elsewhere, Racing Research has been constantly refining and improving its methodology and expanding its database to include, from 1988, British National Hunt racing and, from 2012, North American racing.

At the core of all our products is the Racing Research form rating, a figure derived using complex mathematical modelling, which we believe gives the most accurate assessment of a racehorse's performance currently available. This figure is also the basis for a variety of other ratings, each of which is of great value to the form student:

- Time ratings

- Jockey ratings

- Trainer form

- Draw analysis

These figures are available to our subscribers in a range of formats.

The model underpinning our ratings has taken over 30 years of development and stretches to many hundreds of separate programs and many thousands of pages of code. Nevertheless, we hope that the following documents give a basic introduction to our products.

- Key to British form guides

- Key to North American form guides (diagram)

- Key to North American form guides (text)

- Key to North American graphs

-  North American racetrack abbreviations

- A selection of editorial from early UK flat annuals

You can also contact Racing Research on info@racingresearch.co.uk or 
+44 (0) 1665 721 331 between the hours of 08:30 and 16:30 (UK time) Monday to Friday if you have any queries.